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SEUL-Leaders: seuldoc spec

something should probably be changed.

seul-header is currently:

this is a drastic exception to the rest of the doc, and it shows up
as roger is implementing it.  i think a better spec for seul-header
would be like the applet tag:
(optional text)

this means that everything can be parsed uniformly in the implementation,
since seul-header is treated just like any other matched tag-pair, 
extracting values, and then piping values+text to a seul-header handler.
also, it makes things turn out nicely if the raw seuldoc is viewed as
html, since alternate text may be included in the (optional text) area.

i think we should definitely make this change to the spec asap!
the only uncertainty is how to deal with encapsulating the values to
the params.  it should be feasible, since <applet> uses this same form and
is a widely usable tag.  we will probably need to use some convention for
enclosing the value in quotes when needed.  looking up the spec for the
applet tag is probably the quickest way to find a useable method.
i should get back to this in a few hours. til then, let me know if there
are any overwhelming reasons *not* to do this.  and send mail if you
figure out the value delimiting issue, otherwise i will look into it.

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