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SEUL-Leaders: LJ 'from the editor' on Hewson

I'll quote from the latest LJ, which incidentally has data on things like
SATAN, tcp_wrappers, and TCFS (Transparent Cryptographic Filesystem - NFS
on steroids):

London Times
  As I'm sure everyone has heard by now, in April The London Times printed
an article by David Hewson which trashed Linux and the "geeks" who use it.
I just reread that article to determine if I needed to respond to it in
some way.  Frankly, after reading through phrases like "nasty piece of
digital scurf", "that old computer donkey known as Unix" and "a certain
breed of bug-eyed computer user", I was laughing too much to take it
seriously.  However, I did find the notion of "Bill Gates quivering in his
boots at the idea that Linux will ... kick Microsoft Windows off the
everyday desktop" rather appealing.  At any rate I found Hewson's rantings
amusing and, most certainly, nothing to incite a flame war.

I may write to ljeditor@ssc.com and mention the SEUL project, see if
'they' (LJ) want to do anything with it, like mentioning it in the From
the Editor section.  No article yet, just the basic goals and a 'plea' for
designers/coders/documenters, etc.



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