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SEUL-Leaders: Re: cpu fer SEUL

> I have a 486DX2 66 I'd be willing to mail you or anyone with seul, as
> long as they are wif (c) "The Cause"TM.  No need to reply if not
> interested...

Is this the proc or a whole system?  If it's a whole system, I don't know if 
we could do anything but part it out for the main server systems, but I'm 
sure there is someone out there in need of a spare system for development.  
However, if it is a complete system and it's your only system available for 
development, you might want to reconsider.  I have a dedicated system for 
development that I'm currently moving to kernel 2.1.47 and will be installing 
parts of SEUL onto as they show up...


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