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Re: Free volunteer...anybody want him?

Roger Dingledine wrote:
> Please cc me if you respond to him, so I can keep in the loop.
> He wants to help out with one of the seul projects.

congrats, Roger, for your thesis !!
and thank you for your recent messages

a volunteer, yes, that would be great
by the way, I've had a contact at Linux Expo Montreal, a young graphist,
volunteering to help ( I have to find his address again, and give it to
you )

TINY needs help, obviously, all kinds of help, because nobody is doing
I'm about to upload 
- a FAQ
- hopefully a manifesto ( "why TINY ?" )
- a list of new apps, either tested or needing testing
- hopefully very soon a compliance package for some older apps; jfm is
supposed to give it to me very soon, a good opportunity to make an
announce and show that we exist

yet we would need help for
- testing
- hacking 
- COMMUNICATION : TINY is useful, I get mails about it, but it should be
well known

Please give me your impressions if you have any, everything that could
help me finding out what to do and how

Thanks for everything, Roger

Odile Bénassy,
SEUL-Leaders list, seul-leaders-request@seul.org