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[Fwd: Linux Expo Toronto (oct.30, 31 - nov.1)/Call for Paper]

Here are some upcoming dates for Linux Expos in Canada and Europe/Asia. 

The Toronto Expo is a great opportunity to get some more visibility for
SEUL, either as a talk or a booth (or both). One thing we have yet to do as
a project - and I think would be very worthwhile - is to organize a session
presentation that would include all of the SEUL groups: the main SEUL
project, SEUL/edu, SEUL/sci and individual projects.

The presentation from the earlier Montreal conference is available for
general use and modification (HTML format), easily adaptable to general SEUL

I have some reservations, however. The last two conferences I was involved
with didn't quite "get" the community nature of Linux, so most of the
presentations by organizations were placed on the last day of the
conference, and we typically had around 10-15 people in attendance to the
talks as a result. 

Also, at the Montreal conference (by this very company) the .org booths were
placed at an extreme end of the display floor, far overshadowed by the .com
booths. Two of my colleagues here in Montreal also told me afterwards that
they had to pay $20 just to hit the exhibition floor. Net access was
prohibatively expensive, although to their credit they did have an email
garden (unlike the Toronto expo, although this was a different company).

I realize only too well that those presenting on behalf of .org projects do
so at their own expense, both financial and time. To that end, I'd like to
thank several SEUL people for their work already:

- Odile Benassy came to the Montreal conference this spring from France,
  and Summer Hartzfeld (Lyta) drove halfway across Canada (Regina to
  Montreal is a three-day drive. Each way.)
- Doug Loss drove to Toronto from Pennsylvania, made arrangements for a
  great deal of equipment and gave a great couple of talks.

I should also mention that they took time off from work to do this.

Thanks also to Steve Tonnesen for helping out with the talk I gave and
fielding questions on short notice.

Although I'm certainly tempted to put together a talk for this coming expo,
I am unsure of whether it would be worthwhile to organize a booth. If there
is interest, I can propose a SEUL session (and give a talk as well)

-- Pete

(In passing, I have the SEUL banner sitting here in my room. Let me know
 and can ship it wherever)

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Subject: Linux Expo Toronto (oct.30, 31 - nov.1)/Call for Paper
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 17:47:54 +0200
From: Jelena IVKOVIC <jelena.i@sky-events.com>
Organization: Sky Events


I have the pleasure to announce you the next Linux Expo held in Toronto
on October 30th & 31st, November 1st.
(Toronto Metro Convention Center)

If you are interested to submit a conference proposal please fill in the
Call for Paper form on our  web site www.linuxexpocanada.com

We will be notifying you whether or not your proposal have been
accepted, by the beginning of August.

If you are also interested to propose a conference topic for Linux Expo
Paris (January 31st, February 1st and 2nd)
please note at the end of your summary (idem for Linux Expo Paris)

Thank you for your interest in Linux Expo

Looking forward to hearing from you


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Linux Expo (and GNU/Linux conferences) 2000

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Sao Paolo - 26th and 27th September
Toronto - 30th, 31st October and 1st November

Linux Expo (and GNU/Linux conferences) 2001
Paris - 31st, January and  1st, 2nd February
Madrid - 14th and 15th February
Montreal - 9th, 10th and 11th April

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