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Re: Debian Corporation.


On 03-Mar-98 George Bonser wrote:
- -> Lets see, money was donated by SPI to the GNOME project for development
- -> machines. Also, the largest donations have only recently arrived and Bruce
- -> made an announcement just this weekend that to the effect of finding
- -> worthy  causes to begin supporting now that they have enough money to do
- -> so.  Some of it went to legal expenses in forming the coporation,
- -> obtaining trademarks, attending linux functions abroad, and a continuing
- -> effort to obtain tax-exempt status for Debian.  

The GNOME donation was a big $1000. 

If I had $10,000, opps sorry, $9,000 a year to kill I'd get some traveling done

 Are you saying that Bruce is paying a lawyer to handle things?  Funny I
remember Bruce did it himself.

- -> I should also remind you that many of the vendors give you a choice when
- -> you buy the Debian CD's.  You can buy the $3 set or the $8 set that are
- -> the same except that the $8 set includes a $5 donation to SPI.

What does this have to do with the price of beans?  He still takes in money.

- -> I have seen nothing that says that Bruce, Ian or anyone else takes a
- -> salary from SPI.

That's right.  You have "seen" nothing that says that.

- -> That sounds like the crap Red Hat pulls.  Getting the free community to
- -> work on a project as long as they have veto power over the final product
- -> and is why they decided not to participate in COAS.

It's the kind of crap Bruce pulled just a few days ago.

- -> Stop making up things just to muddy the water.  Sounds like a lot of sour
- -> grapes to me.

Sour grapes?  Are you feeble?  What did he just do?  His recent actions speak
for themselves.  Do not try to place this on me with your twisted Debian
fanatisizm!  Bruce did the deed and we are speaking our minds about it.

- -> I intend at some point to produce my own commercial linux or to at least
- -> provide commercial administrative support for an existing distribution.

So do I.  I don't plan on charging the kind of money Bruce "DOES" charge.  That
is against the Linux tradition.  Affordable yes that's fine.  $200 per hour is
being  an ass.

- -> Free is fine but most companies will not touch free software with two
- -> 10-foot poles tied end-to-end.

I really wonder about you.  You are saying now that, what, Debian is going
commercial now?  Or are you saying they should go commercial?  Or are you
saying that Linus should commercialize Linux?  

I guess your feelings on the SEUL concept are now out.  You never believed it
would succeed in uniting the community and getting vendors to take notice.  Oh.
 I get it.  You were going to go commercial with it and that would make the big
difference.  Pretty smart idea.

What the hell difference does it make if it's commercial or not?  You haven't a
single clue what you are saying.

- -> A distribution that does not have commercial applications and support 
- -> will go exactly nowhere outside of the hobby market.

Well, you are already wrong.  Linux is used world-wide as more than just a
hobby.  Wake up and smell the coffee.

It seems you are not just a Debian fanatic, you are a Bruce Perins fanatic. 
That explains much.

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