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Re: Debian and SEUL

Dear fellow SEUL leaders,

Let us not be to hasty or harsh with Debian.  I do not feel betrayed or
used by Debian.  We should not be too eager to burn bridges with anyone.
We should not be too upset when another orginazation tries to utilize
our resources for their purposes when our purposes may not be clearly

As far as I can see Debian has/had two things going for it

1. Willingness to keep us abreast on the distribution releases.

2. Packages that allow checking into package dependencies before

These are things I would not wish to see SEUL without

I wish to counsel anyone with hopes of making money from SEUL.  It is a
long way off at best.  Besides I would feel that SEUL would some how be
tarnished if it began paying people more than Linus Torvalds makes for
his Linux work. 


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