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Re: Debian and SEUL


On 03-Mar-98 Randy Heineke wrote:
- -> Dear fellow SEUL leaders,
- -> 
- -> Let us not be to hasty or harsh with Debian.  I do not feel betrayed or
- -> used by Debian.  We should not be too eager to burn bridges with anyone.
- -> We should not be too upset when another orginazation tries to utilize
- -> our resources for their purposes when our purposes may not be clearly
- -> understood.  

There's nothing wrong with utilizing resources.  He straight out tried to steal
SEUL's developers.  A HUGE difference.  Unacceptable!

- -> As far as I can see Debian has/had two things going for it
- -> 
- -> 1. Willingness to keep us abreast on the distribution releases.

Not true.  As pointed out in my post.  He had a new group working on,
installation I believe, and never bothered to tell us until they were in the
final stages after a month and he dissolved the "cooperative" effort.

All we've been aware of in Debian is what can be gotten on the users lists and
the web page, nothing more.

- -> 2. Packages that allow checking into package dependencies before
- ->    downloading.

We can still use this or anything else we want.

- -> long way off at best.  Besides I would feel that SEUL would some how be
- -> tarnished if it began paying people more than Linus Torvalds makes for
- -> his Linux work. 

As Bruce is going to tarnish Debian and Linux in General.

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