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Re: Debian Corporation.

Amazing  ...   just  amazing.   I  agree  with most of the views.  I
didn't know so many of the details  but as far as SEUL is concerned,
everything Cyberdyn writes (and inferes) makes much  sense.   To  be
sincere,  I'm _truly disgusted_ with all of this money-mechanics.  I
understand people need money to  live.   What I do not understand is
why people have to be offended and betrayed  in  demonic  strategies
and  shit  like  that (excuse my language!).  Also, disgusted as the
guys inhere were invited to go  over  to Debian in such an agressive
way: it is like inviting someone to dinner and find him beating your
kid in the kitchen.  I was a fool.  I was fooled by Debian's  social
contract. They were only empty words.



] From: Cyberdyn <cyberdyn@seul.org>
] I've been watching the bantering back and forth ...

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