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Re: Debian Corporation.


On 03-Mar-98 Erik Walthinsen wrote:
- ->> It seems you are not just a Debian fanatic, you are a Bruce Perins fanatic.
- ->> That explains much.
- -> 
- -> PLEASE STOP.  Personal attacks are not only lame and a waste of time, but
- -> they're getting on my (and others') nerves.

Debian fanatasizm is getting on peoples nerves quite a bit more.  It is on
topic when you can't say a single thing against Debian without some individuals
jumping in and playing Debian public relations and tech support.  It's getting
so people don't want to mention there thoughts so they don't get into a long
thread about how Debian is IT and you can't do any better.

Until that stops it will remain a topic.

- -> Debian, Bruce, and his tactics, are not on-topic for this list.  Where they 
- -> intersect with SEUL, they are.  If you wish to keep this thread alive, take 
- -> it off-line.

You participated in the thread yourself and now you are telling me to take it

- -> I don't want any of the leaders at each others throat because of some 
- -> random debate that has nothing to do with the project.  If there are to be 
- -> differences between you on this list, please, keep them on-topic.

Open your eyes.  This is not a debate.  This is a problem that has caused SEUL
to lose members.  Nobody wants to have Debian, or RH for that matter, shoved
down there throat at every turn.

That makes it very much a "Leaders" topic.

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