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SEUL leadership

Rick has been removed from all SEUL lists, as per his request.  So has Greg 
(Thought Assassin).

I respect his opinion, as it is his and not my business to comment on.  His 
attitude, on the other hand, I am not exactly fond of.  It is past now, and 
I will not bother to revisit it.  Those remaining here I think know what my 
feelings are on that subject.

On the choice of Debian as base distribution, I think we can leave that be. 
As was pointed out (by Greg, even), there are sufficient technical reasons 
to do so.  However, most 'political' reasons to remain close in spirit to 
Debian have evaporated.  These developments do nothing but strengthen my 
intent to ditch what's broken and use what works from other distribs.  That 
has been my plan all along, and I see that I am partly to blame for these 
machinations, as I may have been unclear about that.

I have started a personal todo list, as my mental one has failed recently.  
On it is a reminder to write up detailed info on my definition of 'based 
upon distrib XYZ'.

Now, to some of Rick's concerns:

Response time:  Like (most?) every one of you, SEUL fills my *spare* time.  
I still go to work, and school.  I also happen to sleep.  On top of that I 
get quite a volume of e-mail, much of which I am forced to skim if I am to 
get anything actually *done*.  Yes, I am busy doing whatever it is I'm 
doing.  If I weren't, this project would have died 6mo ago.

For same reason, I am idle most of the time on IRC.  I do not, contrary to 
popular opinion (well, locally at least) have an implant that allows me to 
be active on IRC at all times.  I *do*, however, leave a connection up to 
the channel at all times, in order to log all the traffic.

Rick pointed out several cases where he did not get a response.  I confess, 
mail does get buried.  I get 400-600 messages a day.  If something is 
important enough, e-mail me again.

As to the goal of end-1998, that has not changed.  I don't know where he 
got the idea of a few months, other than possibly thinking that 0.0.0 is a 
valid release.

Professional conduct:  All seul lists are public, i.e. archived on the
website.  This is by design, and this is not going to change.  Anyone may 
read this mail once it makes it to the archives in <5min after sending it.

Because of this, I expect seul-leaders to be as professional as any other 
list.  Flaming is not 'allowed', inasmuch as it can be controlled.  If you 
feel the urge to flame, do so offline.

Volume of support:  Ken's message to -project outlined the basic problems, 
so I have little new to say in this department, except that we need as much 
help as we can get.  If you see something that needs doing, do it.  E-mail 
me about it so I have an idea what you're doing and can put you in contact 
with others who might help, but by all means, JUST DO IT(tm). 
Er, I CAN(tm).  Or whatever.

My todo list is long enough, I'm going to do some of it now.


     Erik Walthinsen <omega@seul.org> - SEUL Project system architect
       /  \                SEUL: Simple End-User Linux -
      |    | M E G A            Creating a Linux distribution
      _\  /_                         for the home or office user

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