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Project Status Doc - Help

I wrote:

> With an end goal of publishing to the web site and the mailing lists
> a document describing what is currently being done in the
> various groups (both in code output and research and whatever


To start things off. Here is a bit of what is happenning in seul-help:


Help browser / Viewer:
  The help browser/viewer is under development. Currently it supports
  display of html, text and man pages. Search is supported to a very
  limited extent but full support is expected soon. Display of
  pages expected shortly.

Help document format:
  Experiments are underway for potential formats for SEUL specific
  help files.

Help document system:
  Currently existing help systems (in various distributions) are being
  explored. Development on scripts to incorporate the help documents
  for these systems into the SEUL system is occurring. Creation and
  refining of the seul help document (directories and access methods)
  are being designed.

Ken Duck

SEUL-Leaders list, seul-leaders-request@seul.org