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Project Status Doc

With an end goal of publishing to the web site and the mailing lists
a document describing what is currently being done in the
various groups (both in code output and research and whatever
else), I am writing to inquire what (to your knowledge of both
the groups you lead and whatever else is going on) has been done
or is under way. I am sure that various efforts are occurring at
this time from posts I have seen, but am uncertain of the scope
and completeness of these efforts.

I am planning on having a document ready by the weekend
(for publishing to the seul lists and the website during the
weekend) which provides the above information.

I think it is the lack of distribution of this information that may be
causing some of the current problems.

Thank you for your support and help.

Ken Duck

SEUL-Leaders list, seul-leaders-request@seul.org