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Re: Guns and Microsoft...

řann 03-Mar-98 skrifar Aldo Solari [APS]:
> And of course everyone's to earn some money, but spiting on the face
> of  other  people,  insulting  and  betraying  them  is  NOT  AT ALL
> necessary.  Is it ?. That  becomes  a need in demonic, bussiness-war
> strategies, man.
  You don't have to go to bussiness-war strategies for that... I've
got my face messed up pretty badly and after spending a few weeks at
the hospitle I was in a bus one day.  And these young kids (at my age
back then) sat near and started studying that freak with the ugly face
and girl was showing some *sparkle* of tenderness and the guy responded
immediately spitting at me that I was just a faggot.

  The moral of the story, is that I'd be really surprised if I'd ever
meet anyone who didn't spit me in the face... and would probably be
very suspect.  Because it's human nature, to be aggressive... and to
"kill" the enemy... and if there isn't an enemy, it's human nature
to create one.

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