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Re: 2 things

> Thing 1: After the recent developments with BPerens, I would like to
> know whether it'll be useful  if  I  run the install experiment upon
> Debian 1.3 or we skip that one.  Please, let me know if  anything'll
> change core-wards so to say.

I am no longer a leader and I can unsubscribe if someone asks.  The
install I had defined had little in common with the one of Debian 1.3.
I did not want things like five floppies and _of_course_ I did not
want Dselect.  In fact it tried to autodetect hardware whenever the
state of Linux technology allows.  It has a preinstall phase where if
the user is running W95 we dump the register-base and during the
install we mount the W95 partition and parse that file to try to
discover some PNP devices than W95 seems to be able to identify and
not Linux.  The user is offered than the install tries all the valid
combinations for IRQ,port of the cdrom (old proprietary models who did
not use the PCI bus).  In fact it is much more like a much improved
RH5 install: more help texts, more autodetection, better networking
config, a preinstall phase under W95 or DOS for the defrag, FIPS (plus
the register base dump if under W95).  I voluntarily left open _what_
we would be installing: RPMs or DPKGs.

> Thing  2: I would like to know whether JFrancois will be back in his
> subgroup.

I think Kai Wetzel would be the best as my successor: he is a
programmer and seems to have sound ideas.  I can submit him my
propositions and I will help him to the best of my abilities.

Another point is than I think than you don't need to wait for starting
sweeping the Net and the CD archives for interesting apps not provided
in distribs and, as soon as you fix what foramt you will use, start to
package them.  A benefit is than it would put people to work even
non-programmers.  Many in this list are eager to work and are waiting
the GO! order.

After the despective words of Bruce Perens about this project the
Debian way seems more closed than ever and I recall in addition than
Debian has still not solved the problem of being present in end-user
stores: how could they help this project in this _vital_ issue if they
can't help themselves?

The only solution IMHO is piggy backing over an existant distribution,
a _popular_ one: it allows to gain its first users to SEUL before
having a commercial structure atttracted by it.  Don't forget than end
users are not going to download 500 megs through a modem. the only way
is to be in end user stores and in the initial phase when SEUL would
be too weak use the tactic of that fish who attachs itself to a
powerful swimmer like a thuna or a shark.

			Jean Francois Martinez

The worthy man is the one who would drink muddy water if such were the
water of truth.

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