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Re: 2 things

OK, 1st thing, this morning  is  to request from JFrancois to retake
the install task.  If you leave the ship (because  of  some  somehow
light  weight  discussion)  you  are  just  working  indirectly  for
microsoft and leaving a bunch of people in many places without an OS
which  could  make  their  life  more  decent  (not  to  say to save
elephants, fight off erosion and contribute to produce more beans or
have  fewer  children  sick  due  to  some  unstudied  parasite-host
interaction).  We know about  this  and  whether  we like it or not,
whether we run away or not, it is still there: it is a kind contract
for not being ignorant and you cannt hide from it.

Second, I (unfortunately)  agree  with  what  JFrancois  says  about
Debian  after  the  'Perens  affair'.  It seems to me that SEUL will
have to work  independently  of  the  larger distributions (pick the
best they've got and use it).  Debian could  be  'indian  territory'
for SEUL by now. Just my opinion.


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