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Re: SEUL: Resignation as seul-install leader

On 26-Feb-98 Erik Walthinsen wrote:
> Dreams:
> Without dreams, this project wouldn't exist.  You mention the 'dream' of 
> writing books for SEUL, yet later on you mention that SEUL cannot succeed 
> by using Debian because there are no books for Debian.  First of all, there 
> is a serious flaw in that logic, as what make you think that a book for 
> RedHat would apply for SEUL anyway?  But primarily, my dreams include
> coordinating many of the existing documentation projects and actually
> writing the books you mention are missing.  If you think that's an
> impossible dream, why are you working on Linux in the first place?

I hold here in my hands at this moment a copy of "The Debian Linux User's
Guide" published by Linux Press and available at any Borders bookstore in the
US or from linuxpress.com on the web. ISBN 0-0659575-0-0 and is US$37.95
including two CDROMS and 30 days of technical support.

Bruce Perens has announced that he will soon have an agreement with a
commercial company for global commercial support of Debian Linux. 

I am unable to continue to be a leader in the project as I might be subject to
prolonged absences without notice due to familly issues but I can and will
continue to contribute to SEUL to the extent that I can.

The concept of SEUL is important. Too important to let go of.  We can sit
around and debate things till the sun blows up but it will produce nothing. No
system will execute email or ideas, it needs code.

Here is what I intend to do.  Over the next two weeks I will look at the
following installtion processes:

Debian-2.0, Red Hat-5.0, S.u.S.E., and Caldera.  Since Debian is the only
distribution that I know of that produces source code the build the
installation diskettes, it is likely that any resulting ideas will be
modifications of the debian installation system to incorporate ideas from the
others. In addition, I intend to involve myself with the crew doing to
installaiton disk work for Debian.  This is probably going to drain all the
bandwidth I have for the next couple of weeks.  

Letting you know what I have on my plate at work, I am converting a large
world-wide network from Sun sendmail to Berkeley 8.8.8 sendmail in an NIS and
LDAP environment and I am not looking forward to the headaches I will have when
I return home in the evening. I have managed to build the binaries and begin
testing of the internal client machines but I am working with four different
Sun operating systems and quite frankly it is a bitch.

I will do what I can.  Corsica is sick with disk problems again and I will not
have her back online on a good net connection until Tuesday.  She will remain a
resource as an FTP site for SEUL as well as a nameserver and whatever else may
be needed of her.  I just upgraded her to Debian 2.0 today and increased her
RAM from 32M to 80M.

George Bonser 
If NT is the answer, you didn't understand the question. (NOTE: Stolen sig)
Debian/GNU Linux ... the maintainable operating system.
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