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Re: SEUL: Resignation as seul-install leader

] I hold here in my hands at this moment a copy of "The Debian Linux User's
] Guide" published by Linux Press and available at any Borders bookstore in the
] US or from linuxpress.com on the web. ISBN 0-0659575-0-0 and is US$37.95
] including two CDROMS and 30 days of technical support.

A 37 bucks book on Linux doesnt make much sense, IMO.  Most  of  the
info in books about linux can be found for free in HTML docs ...

] Bruce Perens has announced that he will soon have an agreement with a
] commercial company for global commercial support of Debian Linux. 

Yes, it looks as the guy is in business.  Pity is the of some people
becomes microsofted so to say.

] I am unable to continue to be a leader in the project as I might be subject to
] prolonged absences without notice due to familly issues but I can and will
] continue to contribute to SEUL to the extent that I can.

Well, this one sound to me like leaving the ship :-) 
Anyway ...



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