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SEUL Project Status (0.3)

OK. I think I have included everything that was sent to me. For seul-seg
I have written a short bit on the purpose of the group (from an early
email on it) since a lot of the output of this group will be in the form
of usability feedback and testing on other outputs.

I hope this is done enough now.

Any other ommisions please let me know.


SEUL Project Status
Draft version 0.3
March 7, 1998

The tables, below, list the status of currently underway projects within SEUL. 
The list is currently under construction. If you know of a project that is 
underway please mail a description of it, the contact for the project, and 
which group it belongs in, to Ken Duck.

Submitting project proposals
If there is a project which you think would be useful in SEUL, write to the 
mailing list for the appropriate group and propose the project. Once you know 
there are no similar projects underway mail Ken Duck so your project can be 
added to the list.

Submitting project updates
If you are currently working on a SEUL related project which is not listed 
here, or if there is an update for your project, please mail it to Ken Duck.
Sometime (hopefully soon) this process will be automated. 

		Sdoc is under ongoing development  
		The website is under major revision currently 
		There is a BIG need for volunteers to work on the website 
		Contact: Erik Walthinsen  
		The document has been completed: Whylinux 
		Needs maintainer:  
SEG purpose  
		Interact with coders to produce SEUL end product. 
		Test product for usability and provide feedback. 
		Ensure best and easiest to use end product.  
		A basic utility to process the logs in /var/adm in an abstract               
		On hold pending information on similar projects.  
App Lists  
		A preliminary list of necessary applications is forthcoming. 
		Contacts: Kai Wetzel, Peter Luka  
Debian experiments  
		A (slightly) modified version of debian's boot disk has been                 
		A modified debian distribution is being experimented with  
Help browser and viewer  
		Currently under development 
		Supports html, text and man 
		Planned support of texinfo/info and search 
		Contact: Ken Duck  
 Help doc format  
		Experiments underway for potential formats  
 Help doc system  
		Existing help systems (in other distributions) being explored. 
		Scripts written to incorporate some existing docs into system. 
		Help file access methods being designed.  
Install specifications  
		Currently being worked on. Early version will be released soon. 
		Specification is very broad. 
		The steps will be divided up for sub-groups to work on                       
     individual parts.
		Contact: Randy Heineke   
 DOS pre-install specifications  
		Being developed 
		Used to partition hard drive and gather H/W info. 
		Will be available soon. 
		Contact: Randy Heineke   
		A fix for the xdm looping problem has been developed. 
		XDM is being fixed to have a button appear on it, with choices               
     to 'shutdown,reboot,exit XDM'.

SEUL-Leaders list, seul-leaders-request@seul.org