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Re: SEUL Project Status, Last call.

> In the opinion of TwoDucks: Is the  SEG a part of SEUL ?. I wouldn't
> like to argue on this but it is the second time SEG is excluded from
> project information.   If  TwoDucks  believes  the  SEG  is/will  be
> useless  or anything against it, please, let the rest know about it.
> No way this is any way  to  start  a useless discussion but could we
> make this clear, please ?

TwoDucks offers his abject apologies for this unforgivable oversight.
He in no way wished to offend those working on this critical part of the
project, nor did he wish to downplay the clear need for this group.

My most sincere apologies.

I know I have seen messages for the seg group. I will try to filter
through them to determine what is being worked on. Meanwhile, would it
be possible for you to send such information to me?

I will send an updated version (with seg) post-haste.

Ken Duck

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