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Re: SEUL Project Status, Last call.

Roger Dingledine wrote:

> I'm not sure if this has been discussed before, but...does anybody
> else find something wrong with posting html to a text-based medium?
> It's for for -leaders, since we're clueful and realize that we can
> simply ignore all the stuff that isn't content.

 The HTML was posted as a MIME attachment. So don't have to use Netscape
as long as your mail reader supports MIME, it should be poss. to save it
a file and view in whatever you normally view HTML in.

I use Netscape, and so would prefer just to use HTML mail, but I know
this (understandably) annoys most people - so I suggest using this
'attachment' strategy when HTML would improve the clarity, eg in a long
message. It shouldn't be used pointlessly.

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