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Re: SEUL Project Status, Last call.

I'm not sure if this has been discussed before, but...does anybody
else find something wrong with posting html to a text-based medium?
It's for for -leaders, since we're clueful and realize that we can
simply ignore all the stuff that isn't content.

But most people don't read mail via netscape, and most people (face
it) don't know html enough to not be frightened by piles of weird-looking
letters. I think the usual protocol is either

a) post a url
b) strip all the html stuff and just send the text, formatted pretty
   much like it is right now.

I think b is the better choice for this case, since people won't want
to go hunt down a url, and this is useful stuff.


(But the content itself looks good. I really hope there's more stuff
out there, though. hrm.)

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