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Re: SEUL Project Status, Last call.

In message <223226A0271@cicei.ulpgc.es>, solaris@cicei.ulpgc.es writes:
>In the opinion of TwoDucks: Is the  SEG a part of SEUL ?. I wouldn't
>like to argue on this but it is the second time SEG is excluded from
>project information.   If  TwoDucks  believes  the  SEG  is/will  be
>useless  or anything against it, please, let the rest know about it.
>No way this is any way  to  start  a useless discussion but could we
>make this clear, please ?
>    Aldo

Woah. Two? I count three. I excluded it too.

I think Twoducks excluded it because he forgot about it. Nobody mentioned
it, it isn't on the website, people are being lame about advertising it.
Very few people on seul-project know about seul-seg right now, I'd wager.
Hopefully we're going to fix that with the new website. Yeah, the one we've
been talking about for a month or so now.

I didn't exclude seul-seg from my list because I thought it was useless. I
have nothing against it. On the other hand, I'm not aware of any projects
going on in seg right now. This is partly my fault, because I haven't given
a very good spec for what the seg covers. This is partly the rest of seul's
fault, for not having their act together to actually make use of seg.

I don't want to sound confrontational; I've been up too long to tell if I
do or not.

What is seg up to these days? Was the summary in seul-tasks good enough,
or should i try to elaborate further?


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