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Re: workshop

] Very cool.  Could you send status reports and interesting tidbits to 
] seul-pub about this?

Yes, I'll see what I can do.

] Also, get ahold of Simon (swaldman) and try to get the website for SEG up 
] and running, this would be an ideal thing to put there.

Could anyone contact him to let  him know to have some ongoing/ready
stuff for dates: 30thMarch-5thApril ?

I  will  give  to  the national representatives a kind of PR leaflet
about Linux+SEUL.  They all come  to  discuss  our new math model so
we'll have really close contact with all of the.  I'll pick up  some
info  from  the  web  site  with  web and mail addresses to the SEUL
group, invite other to the SEG, etc.



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