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Re: Hrm...

> Just wondering if it is ment to put a fire under someone's butt.
Who holding the match?

> Also, there are now books out and provate consultants.  Why would he be
> spending so much money setting up a Debian commercial support operation if
> he is going to abandon it?  I am afraid he might be going unstable.
Yeah, I wondered the same thing.  He's invested a lot, but I think he's 
going in the wrong direction now, and he's starting to realize it.  I do 
think it's been a little screwy recently, starting (from my context) with 
his bullheadedness on the list propsal idea, then the "come over to Debian, 
it's better here" thing, then the 'deity' debate, which turned into this 
thread.  Things have basically gone downhill, and he has more than enough 
enemies as of now to justify his leaving...

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