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Re: Hrm...

> Date: 17 Mar 1998 20:59:27 -0000
> From: bruce@va.debian.org
> To: bruce@va.debian.org, debian-devel@lists.debian.org,
>         pouellet@eng.utoledo.edu
> Subject: RE: Are we in this for ourselves?
> Pat,
> I understand your concern. I've been watching the Debian development for 
> about as long as anyone. We've gone from being the leaders to being a little
> hobby distribution, there's one Debian system for every 100 Red Hat systems
> now. The subscriptions on our mailing lists are half of what they used to
> be. The way we are running the project there is no chance that we will
> ever be much more than an auto-erotic exercise for programmers, who write
> for themselves instead of making anything that someone else would want to
> use. I find this distressing, because I feel that the work I put into Debian
> is being enthusiasticaly thrown away by developers who want it to be nothing
> more than their personal hobby.
> It's for this reason that I've just resigned as president of SPI. I want
> no part of this rat pack any longer. I'm going to become a Red Hat user.
> 	Bruce Perens
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Franly I doubt of the authenticity of the message.  However that does
not mean than what is said in the mesage is not true.

Debian being an exercise of programmers for programmers everyone can
see it.

About Debian small user base.  It is greatly exagerated in the message
but it is basically true: for a confirmation remember than Infomagic
no longer includes it.  Bruce Perens told as it was at Debian 's
initiative because "Infomagic was getting it all wrong".

When he told that I kept silence being curious to see who in this list
would dare call him a liar.  First because I have seen Debian
distributions of _three_ _different_ sources and _all_ had _serious_
bugs and each time the Debian people rejected the fault on the
manufacturer.  A little too systematic to my taste.

Second: Because Debian is supposed to be GPL so had Infomagic been
interested they were in their right to tell Debian people to get lost
and include the Debain distribution in their Developper's Resource.
Add than people like Stallman would had reacted strongly about any
hint of a Debian veto on Infomagic.

The truth is than the Infomagic people were no longer interested
because they had noticed Debian was not particularly good for sales:
the Debian tribe makes much noise but is a small one.

Therefore Infomagic included Suse instead of Debian and Perens lied to
save face.

And it is sad to see than depite Perens attitude nobody had courage
enough to look at the truth.

			Jean Francois Martinez

The worthy man is the one who would drink muddy water if such were the
water of truth.

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