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Re: Bruce: "I am leaving Debian"

řann 19-Mar-98 skrifar George Bonser:
> And there was another, bit tempered statement yesterday and another today
> with Bruce backing off that position a bit more each time and finally Ian
> Jackson published in devel for Bruce to either shut up and go or shut up
> and stay.
  A year and a half ago, I was a Developer at Debian.  I wrote a package
to estimate the cost of dial on demand connections with diald, whith an X style
interface, and later a GUI config tool. And an Ega server for X, along with
maintaining a few packaged programs.

  The picture I got of the Developers, was a large bunch of weenies, who
didn't do anything but complain all day long.  No matter what came along,
it was never to their liking.  Bruce appeared to be willing to try and
take Debian somewhere, and was working in that direction... but whatever
he did, there was little but loud cracking noises about how awful it was.
To be frank, those guys actually sounded like they were trying to ensure
that nothing would happen.  They didn't come with any ideas, just endless
accusations and complaints.

  In the end, I realized that nothing would happen there, unless somebody
took a big hammer and smashed it around... breaking the bent glass and
installing a new set of windows.  I had no nightmares about wanting to
be the one, so I split :-)

  That doesn't stop me from using Debian, though :-) But I basically do
unstand what Bruce was/is getting at.  Perhaps not fully, but I think I
can see where it is coming from.

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