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Re: Some unanswered questions about SEUL (plz ack!)

In message <199711291952.LAA04039@router.omegacs.net>, omega@omegacs.net writes:
>OK, please ACK if this sounds OK, else suggestions are wanted.

Sounds good. I'm glad somebody around here knows what's going on.

>the ones we change, other than space.  Given that, it may be that we simply 
>put the packages on our not-yet-existant FTP site, and let others do the 
>actual distribution.

We can set up an ftp site trivially, either on cran or on belegost.

>During that Christmas break I will be working on designs and ideas, and
>posting them to seul-project and/or seul-dev-* as appropriate.  I will
>attempt to gather the existing leaders and get them to do the same as time 
>permits.  Given this is the Christmas holiday, I can't promise anything from 
>other leaders (given their [unknown to me] schedules), but I can promise that 
>I will be actively working on the project.

I'll be around over Christmas break and January, and have more time than
I do right now.

Do we have a list of stuff that we want programmers to do? I will probably
figure out if the sdoc stuff needs to be updated, but what then? No doubt
there are other people like me around who could be working on stuff if
we gave them requested specs...

>For those interested in some initial documentation on the developer services, 
>tune your browser to http://cvs-test.seul.org/about/.  It will be growing in 
>size and in link count as I finish up the core services and document them.

Looks very good.


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