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Re: Some unanswered questions about SEUL (plz ack!)

i agree with omega's and arma's last two emails.

one thing to add: (sorta in response to arma's q about things for
                   programmers to do)
we need to make sure all group descriptions are accurate, written
such that tasks seem obvious after reading them, and posted on the
web page with links to exact task lists on current work.
(ideally.  non-ideally, at least the first parts of that should happen.)

and my schedule:
right now i'm in a pretty bad position, so my involvement with the project
will be minimal at least for a few weeks, and pretty erratic.  i should be
better off by jan/feb, tho.
in between (dec, jan), it looks like seul can still manage pretty well,
especially once people are done with finals.  looks like what we mainly
need right now is to formulate more precise goals/strategies, and that is
happening.  what time i have, i'm going to put mainly into what i mentioned
above: organizing group tasks.  i may also focus a bit on getting the config
file description/tool development started, just because it's cool.
i'll try to lead/direct groups, but i can't make enough of a regular,
day-to-day commitment right now to do a really good job of it -- this should
be better by february, tho (i hope).

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