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Re: SEUL: Getting somewhere

>While a soon release is a really good idea, I think we should keepthis as a
>0.x or even 0.0.x distribution, until we're happy with it (that's it's
>sufficently easy to use) so as not to intimidate potential users when our
>REAL SEUL 1.0 comes out...

i agree with this and re-iterate it as the correct approach.

magnus is also correct that we need to start making tangible progress quickly,
hence one reason i'm advocating the "extensions" outlook to seul, which is
friendlier to incremental development, as opposed to a complete overhaul of
everything into a full new distribution.

however, we the initial incrementally developed stuff will be for internal
(developmental) use only, until it is really ready for the group we are
targeting.  if we make a statement that we are targeting the end-user group,
and then publicly release software that is less than perfect for this group,
our first impression will simply ruin our name, rather than giving the
impression of progress.

i see our 1.0 release as a heavily extended version of an existing
distribution, which may even be distributed by the original distrib group
(redhat, debian, whatever), either replacing some of their stuff with our
improvements, or offering seul concurrently as an alternate system for people
to try, and working with us to make sure their changes stay in sync with ours.

i would like to contact redhat and debian about this prospect sometime in
the next few weeks (once we have just a little more together).  think this
is appropriate?  does anyone have contacts/connections?

 Peter Luka            ...            luka@mit.edu
 SEUL Project development leader/systems architect
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