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Re: SEUL: Getting somewhere

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   paul is right that people are repeating things.
   please read before replying, and check the archives and faq for things you may
   have missed but were discussed in the past.
   we have put quite a bit of effort into the web page, faq, and searchable (!)
   archives.  please use them.

Another problem is than some people lack knowledge about software
available for LINUX or about LINUX distributions (except the one they
use).  That is a sure way for duplication of effort and utter failure.

Suggested readings:

1) Reviews of distributions.  You can find them in Linux Journal and
in the June archive of this list.  This would avoid us messages about
RedHat screaming if we use their GPLed control-panel.

2) Skim at least a couple of months of a Linux-Announces archives:
that would avoid us having people suggesting LyX or Andrew as Wysywig
word processors ( I have heard of at least two alternatives and one of
them Thot seems to be vastly superior to Lyx and Andrew).

3)  The Linux Software Map, last edition.  Incomplete but not bad.

3) Read the commercial HOWTO.  I find annoying when someone suggests
we have to develop a Visual Basic clone for Linux.  In fact Linux has
a lot of development products: it is a programmer's OS and a cheap
development platform so software firms producing them have long
noticed there is a market here and ported their products: by skimming
software collected in the X Journal I noticed than about one in two
Unix development products had been ported to LINUX.  And people
wanting a Visual Basic clone would find than the expensive VBIX is not
the only alternative.

4) "The Linux buyers guide" from SSC.  Same thing than LSM: incomplete.
Commercial products seem to be more numerous than in LSM.

5) The free Linux Gazette (ftp.ssc.com) reviews some software, it now
has a specialized column on graphics.

			Jean Francois Martinez

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