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Re: SEUL: Getting somewhere

paul is right that people are repeating things.
please read before replying, and check the archives and faq for things you may
have missed but were discussed in the past.
we have put quite a bit of effort into the web page, faq, and searchable (!)
archives.  please use them.

(also, i might note that this mailing list started melting down a long time
ago.  too much volume and repetition drove away a lot of people interested in
helping but not in filtering their mail from just one list.  please try to keep
this in mind and not have it happen again.  individual group lists have now
been created and i am testing them - this should also be good for reducing
volume and increasing focus, but they are not ready quite yet.)

and wrt admin group leadership, i would like to keep this open for now.
paul has indeed done quite a bit of hacking on admin-related programs, but
the group definition is in flux right now.  if people want to join paul in
writing code, go ahead, but everyone keep an eye on the discussion for group
focus... and i would discourage diving in too much until we've decided what
we really want to work on and what we want to borrow or eliminate.
(this is referring to my previous message on other groups doing centralized
user info databases, etc -- we will need to look into what's there further
before we'll know how to write our code to fit in right, and what exactly
we want to fit into anyway.)

and as i've mentioned to paul - i don't want to nail down a permanent group
leader for admin right now, because we don't know exactly where things are
going yet, or who would be most inclined to go there once we decide on it.
this is even more true now with recent considerations, so i would */strongly/*
suggest that people interested in admin development focus on discussing
options now, not picking one and coding.

(and keep in mind that telling us what you would use/do is not nearly as
 useful as telling us _why_ that is the right way to go.  many thanks to the
 people who have already contributed helpful info though - keep it up.)

and with that, i will follow my own advice and shut up for a few hours.
i think we've brought up quite a few topics that should be thought about
carefully and investigated.
hopefully the mail servers will not crash by the time i get back. ;-)

>> What I mean is all system settings in one central place, and maybe even
>> user setting somewhere too.
>That's already been discussed, eh?  I'm leading the seul-dev-admin group
>to develop administration software.  TTYL!

 Peter Luka            ...            luka@mit.edu
 SEUL Project development leader/systems architect
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