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Re: SEUL: Getting somewhere

Marcus Berglund wrote:
> >Setting up a release quite soon, recycling code, using RPM tech and
> >other GPLed stuff and having a NeXT kind of GUI approach may be part
> >of the great strength of this system.
> Afterstep ?

Did you check out WindowMaker ?  I think that one's the best so far :O)
(Enlightenment is really cool, though)

> RedHat type control-panel? maybe give it a new name?

Well, the name "control panels" has been used on the Mac
for more then ten years, so I wouldn't see any probelems.

I think that a "control panels" directory is way smarter, though,
it would just be displayd using the file manager.
(Sure there could be a little (app/menu entry) which diplays this
directory on a single button launch :-)

Best regards,

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