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Re: X is nice! Was: Re: SEUL: Berlin is openning up! YES!!!!!

> OK, I admit, X is better than pcAnywhere for doing that, by far.  By
> doesn't GGI allow "multiheading".....so you could still program
> something to get graphics from a remote computer while it's being used
> by someone else.  It might not be *quite* as elequent as X, but it would
> be fine for most users, probably 99% of our target.

Actually, (although it's not implemented yet) one of GGIs design goals IS to
allow multi-headed machines.  Although the implementation isn't there yet
(I suspect due to lack of standard multi-headed hardware) all of GGI is built
around the idea of multiple keyboards/screens/mice, and being able to 
dynamically add them.


BTW I agree much more with the concepts of GGI than of Berlin.  GGI says we
need a kernel level driver for video hardware, and a standard interface to it.
Berlin says X is antiquated (admittedly they are right) lets replace it.  I
don't feel that "starting from scratch" without any provisions for backward
compatibility is a bad idea.  I understand that being totally backward
compatible would generate just another bloated X server, but one major
focus of GGI is emulation of other graphics methods: They have a SVGAlib for
GGI that runs in user mode and (as I understand) works great; they have an
X server for X (Xggi they call it); etc.  I think Berlin may want to look
into Berlin versions of some more popular toolkits (i.e. motif, maybe Xt)
so they could port many applications with a simple re-compile.  I don't see
any effort of the part of the berlin group to do that.

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