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Re: X is nice! Was: Re: SEUL: Berlin is openning up! YES!!!!!

>> XFree96 is not a resource hog in comparision with the competition, and
>> for people in a network with other unix machines, X11 and its client/server
>> capability is very useful. (Before I installed Linux/X11 on my PC I had to
>Well, this is all great, but remember our TARGET USER:  Probably a
>Windoze or Mac user right now.  They have one computer to themselves. 
>How many of them are going to need to run remote apps?

Don't rule out corporate users. Linux boxes are ideal as extra stable
X-terminals. Imagine a company with ten PCs (ranging from 486SX25 to a
Pentium 66) who have used some old SCO-based accounting system or whatever.
They want something better. They want better performance, they want access
to Word and Excel, and but they have little money... They can buy one new
166MHz Pentium with 32MB RAM and install Caldera, Wabi, Word and Excel there.
The other boxes are upgraded with SEUL. Ok, they don't get Office 95, they 
get the last 16 bit version, but they could keep their well working 
accounting system, they have a GUI and everybody is happy Wording and
Excelling on their SEUL boxes.

More and more people are buying their second or third PC at home. With SEUL 
and X11 the old 486 will still be useful. Your new Pentium 233 is certainly 
fast enough to let two people run programs on it at once - one at the console
and one using the 486 as X-server. Network adapters are cheap now.

Schools are also reasonable candidates for installing SEUL. Network yes.

Except for WWW, networks are still just a very quick type of diskettes in
the PC world. You can transport your files to printers and to and from file
servers. As Sun says 'the network is the computer'. With Linux and X this is 
much closer to the truth.

>OK, I admit, X is better than pcAnywhere for doing that, by far.  By
>doesn't GGI allow "multiheading".....so you could still program
>something to get graphics from a remote computer while it's being used
>by someone else.  It might not be *quite* as elequent as X, but it would
>be fine for most users, probably 99% of our target.

As far as I understand one of the first priorities of the GGI team is to
get a working X server.


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