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Re: X is nice! Was: Re: SEUL: Berlin is openning up! YES!!!!!

Magnus Lycka wrote:

> On my next work, as a programmer, I had a 100MHz Pentium with 32MB and
> Windows NT. When I started Lotus Notes memory usage increased 11MB, and

No surprize there.  That's what I have at work, and it takes about a
minute from the time when I enter my user ID and password to the time
when I have control of the thing.  Talk about slow bloat.

Funny...it was one thing to spell it WinDOZE when it was slow on a 386,
but now I'm on a Pentium and it's *still* slower than the Tandy 1000 in
my closet!

The one thing that does worry me about Berlin is the registry.  The
registry is what makes Windoze so slow.  So if it's as bad as M$'s, we
might be better off just sticking with X.

> the disk started to swap. If I wanted to control an application that was
> actually running on another PC I needed something clumpsy as PCAnyWhere.
> Moral of the story?
> XFree96 is not a resource hog in comparision with the competition, and
> for people in a network with other unix machines, X11 and its client/server
> capability is very useful. (Before I installed Linux/X11 on my PC I had to

Well, this is all great, but remember our TARGET USER:  Probably a
Windoze or Mac user right now.  They have one computer to themselves. 
How many of them are going to need to run remote apps?

OK, I admit, X is better than pcAnywhere for doing that, by far.  By
doesn't GGI allow "multiheading".....so you could still program
something to get graphics from a remote computer while it's being used
by someone else.  It might not be *quite* as elequent as X, but it would
be fine for most users, probably 99% of our target.

> The web page is very pretty. Is there anything more here than vapourware?

Yeah.  Did you miss the project status page?  True, it will be a while
before they have a working system.  GGI itself is still Alpha.

> >Only problems is apps ... we won't be able to distribute any of the
> >(few) good end-user type apps that exist for X.  But the Warsaw toolkit
> >will (hopefully) make development of those apps much easier than X!
> This is critical.

Yep.  But they will come if (and only if) Berlin is any good.

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