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SEUL: mailing list problems

to avert a landslide - majordomo _is_ having problems, but the maintainers
know about this.  we're trying to fix it now...

if anyone knows about mailing lists, and can suggest an alternate list server
which we can use for free, email me (luka@mit.edu), and omega@aracnet.com,
and we'll take it into consideration.
or if you're an old majordomo hacker, and can optimize the system for us,
that might also work.

currently, the problem seems to be that majordomo is hogging the server way
too much, and we are looking into alternates (on the advice that optimizing
and maintaining majordomo may be much more difficult than just using a new

once again, if you have advice to offer, just email us personally.

and for list requests that fail, it is probably best to just send mail to
the usual owner-seul-project, etc, or if those fail, then to us (but that last
one is just a temporary last resort for now!).  sending to the list will not

we'll keep you informed when we make list changes...

 Peter Luka            ...            luka@mit.edu
 SEUL Project development leader/systems architect
Simple End User Linux Mailing list
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