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Re: SEUL: TurboLinux

> If we are going to implement a viable form of dependency tracking for our 
> packages, we must decide on one form or another, stick to it, and use it 
> verbosely.  If something compiles and uses libc in any way, we need to track 
> that fact.  Nevermind that libc is a standard thing, it's a standard thing 
> that is still changing (try running Netscape with the wrong libc...).  Thus
> versioning is important as well.
> Unfortunately, this means we will have re-roll anything that we aren't having 
> to change already.
>      Omega

I do think, however, that this need to "roll our own" RPMs (or SPMs if we'd
rather) gives us the oppertunity to insist that SPMs include a configuration
module that would fit into our "control-panel" and allow the user to config.
all packages from the control panel.  i.e. If a user wanted to install
Enlightenment win manager, the option to change his/her current window manager
to Enlightment will arrear in control panel; as well as  a section to configure

Also I found an argument for starting over with our distribution:  Many
distributions neglect updating certain packages. i.e. Slackware 3.2 HOWTOs I
have heard are 4 or more years old.


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