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Re: SEUL: TurboLinux

> Doesn't RPM do that as well in later versions? (I don't know in what extent
> this is implemented in current RPM-packages though.)

Exactly the problem.  RPM has dependencies, but they appear to be used 
incorrectly in many (read: most) cases.  In some packages (gpm-devel for
example), dependencies are given in the form of a package (gpm).  In others
(NetKit-B), dependencies seem to be a list of library files (libpam.so.0,
etc.).  And very few packages seem to include the obvious one, libc.so.X.

If we are going to implement a viable form of dependency tracking for our 
packages, we must decide on one form or another, stick to it, and use it 
verbosely.  If something compiles and uses libc in any way, we need to track 
that fact.  Nevermind that libc is a standard thing, it's a standard thing 
that is still changing (try running Netscape with the wrong libc...).  Thus
versioning is important as well.

Unfortunately, this means we will have re-roll anything that we aren't having 
to change already.

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