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RE: SEUL: TurboLinux

I think that's a good, intelligent approach to take with our users.
Yeah, they may not be CS majors, but why should they be to not be
considered reasonably smart.  I always wanted to write a new book
entitled something like: "Linux for smart folk who just don't happen to
know alot about computers" instead of the consecending "Windows for

But I digress... sorry


Larry Pisani
UNIX System Administrator
Modem Media Advertising
Westport, CT


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>> Then the user figures something's wrong with his computer.  Significant
>> frustration ensues...  Remember, the lot that'll be using are the sorts
>> that flood computer companies with Telephone calls asking where the 'any'
>> key is...  Often, if you put in something like "A small dialog box will
>> come up every so often to indicate a required package is being installed,
>> if the box is red in colour that means a package over xxxMegabytes is
>> being installed.", you will call after call asking why this little dialog
>> box keeps coming up and why it's sometimes red.  TTYL!
>>                         Paul Anderson
>Why don't we just put "Don't Panic!" in Large friendly letters on the top of
>each dialog box?
>Seriously though,  we should notify the user what's going on, but not
>give them cryptic color codes that have meening only to us developers.
>I suggest something like:
><Dialog box>
>The package that you have requested, <pkg name>, requires package 
><pkg a> to function.  I happen to have a copy dated <pkg a date> on the
>SEUL CD-ROM.  This package requires <pkg a size> (bytes/K/MB/?GB?) of space
>on it's target partition.  That partition has <disk free> (same units) 
>availible.  I can:
>A) Abort installation of <pkg name>
>B) install <pkg a> from CD-ROM
>C) try to find a newer version of <pkg a> on-line, and install it.
>D) give you a more detailed explanation.
></Dialog box>
>I don't think I like the paragraph format, but I think some variation on the
>theme would be good.
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