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RE: SEUL: TurboLinux

I see nothing wrong with the package loading printing on the screen.
Forgive me if I talk about RedHat, it's my biggest reference base, but
they put the package name/description, a package load (%) bar as an
overall install load bar, as well as # of packages, MB's & time(?)

Larry Pisani
UNIX System Administrator
Modem Media Advertising
Westport, CT


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>Subject:	Re: SEUL: TurboLinux
>> Just a sugestion, when someone wants to load a package, like pine, will
>> SEUL tell them that they need x, y & z packages (like debian) or will we
>> tell them that we have included packages x, y & z automatically, or just
>> tell them nothing and asume they don't actually care what else is needed,
>> because I know of alot of people that would get a little peeved if they
>> were told every 10 seconds that packages x & y were being added...
>We should definately go with a _no news is good news_ as far as 
>printing intermediate results to the console/gui. Too much irrelevant
>information is confusing, and the names of the packages installed is
>irrelevant until you are at least an intermediate user.
>The install should be fully logged, however, so someone can see what
>happened and for debugging.
>I don't think that there should be nothing happening on the screen for
>seconds or minutes at a time, though, because that would be even more
>confusing. Rather a time to completion/percent finished timer would
>be helpful.
>Evelyn Mitchell
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