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Re: SEUL: TurboLinux

Erik Walthinsen writes:
> We need to pick one or the other, and in reality we will be modifying
> almost everything at least somewhat (minimal in many cases),

I don't see why most packages should need modifying.  Even where they do, 
it should be done by installing the unmodified package and then a modifier

> I don't know how debian deals with things in the form of a backend
> database, like rpm, but I think keeping track of the two in parallel with
> some higher-level tool would be much more of a nightmare than just
> converting them on-the-fly as needed.

Attempting to run both dpkg and rpm would never work.  We should supply
alien so that the user can install alien packages, but all seul packages
should use the same package manager.  I see no way a mixed distribution
could be kept consistent.
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