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Re: SEUL: TurboLinux

> I am not so sure about than there are more dpkg's than rpm's.  Because
> a) About every distribution except Debian and Slack has converted to
> RPM.  b) When you comb the internet you will find than most authors
> have rolled an RPM but no DPKG.  Examples of this are Enlightenment,
> the GIMP or the Essentia database.  Of course the Debian team produced
> DPKGs of the above but, you get the newest and greatest version
> somewhat later, if there are more RPMs than DPKGs (my belief) it will
> be easier to ADAPT rpms to Seul than to CREATE dpkgs.

That is a good point.  We need to pick one or the other, and in reality we
will be modifying almost everything at least somewhat (minimal in many
cases), so we just roll them up in whichever format works.

We should support installing either format, though.  This can be done one
of two ways:

1) installing both dpkg and rpm on the system, and try to keep track of
them with some higher-level tool
2) use alien to convert from Y to X, where X is our 'preferred' format

Number 2 above is what may be the easiest by far.  I don't know how debian
deals with things in the form of a backend database, like rpm, but I think
keeping track of the two in parallel with some higher-level tool would be
much more of a nightmare than just converting them on-the-fly as needed.

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