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Re: SEUL: TurboLinux

>We should definately go with a _no news is good news_ as far as 
>printing intermediate results to the console/gui. Too much irrelevant
>information is confusing, and the names of the packages installed is
>irrelevant until you are at least an intermediate user.


(*) Normal install  [Only tell me about problems.]
( ) Verbose install [Tell me everything that happens.]

>The install should be fully logged, however, so someone can see what
>happened and for debugging.


>I don't think that there should be nothing happening on the screen for
>seconds or minutes at a time, though, because that would be even more
>confusing. Rather a time to completion/percent finished timer would
>be helpful.


This is a real multi-tasking OS!
What do you want me to do while installing?

(*) Show progress meter.
( ) Show adverts for other products
( ) Tell me about Linux features
( ) Please ask me to fill in the registrations card
( ) Play pause music
( ) Tell dirty jokes
( ) All of the above
( ) Just shut up


On second thoughts... just show the progress meter...

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