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Re: SEUL: TurboLinux

> Just a sugestion, when someone wants to load a package, like pine, will
> SEUL tell them that they need x, y & z packages (like debian) or will we
> tell them that we have included packages x, y & z automatically, or just
> tell them nothing and asume they don't actually care what else is needed,
> because I know of alot of people that would get a little peeved if they
> were told every 10 seconds that packages x & y were being added...

We should definately go with a _no news is good news_ as far as 
printing intermediate results to the console/gui. Too much irrelevant
information is confusing, and the names of the packages installed is
irrelevant until you are at least an intermediate user.

The install should be fully logged, however, so someone can see what
happened and for debugging.

I don't think that there should be nothing happening on the screen for
seconds or minutes at a time, though, because that would be even more
confusing. Rather a time to completion/percent finished timer would
be helpful.

Evelyn Mitchell
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