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Re: SEUL: Documentation: info & postscript

> I've come across two somewhat annoying documentation formats.  I'm
> wondering:
> 1.  What do you all do to view them, and
> 2.  How can we make them better in SEUL?
> First, the GNU info program, by which one is supposed to read the GCC
> and GDB docs.  Personally, I'm pretty frustrated with the thing.  I've
> done part of the "tutorial" and learned some of its basic features (but
> that was several days ago so I'd have to do it again should I need to
> remember them), but then got fairly turned off.  Why should I have to
> learn a sadistically unintuitive program to view the docs?  This very
> much discourages RTFM.
> So my main question for this is:  Is there any way to get GCC/GDB docs
> in ASCII or HTML so I can browse them using mc or lynx?  If not, is
> there a way to convert them?  I have done some searches on this without
> much success.
There comes a programme called dwww with the Debian distribution which
converts info documents to html on the fly.  Its a CGI script that runs on
your box.  In addition to that you can also read man pages, as well as
search for certain topics...  Very nice IMHO...

> Thanks!
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