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SEUL: Documentation: info & postscript


I've come across two somewhat annoying documentation formats.  I'm

1.  What do you all do to view them, and
2.  How can we make them better in SEUL?

First, the GNU info program, by which one is supposed to read the GCC
and GDB docs.  Personally, I'm pretty frustrated with the thing.  I've
done part of the "tutorial" and learned some of its basic features (but
that was several days ago so I'd have to do it again should I need to
remember them), but then got fairly turned off.  Why should I have to
learn a sadistically unintuitive program to view the docs?  This very
much discourages RTFM.

So my main question for this is:  Is there any way to get GCC/GDB docs
in ASCII or HTML so I can browse them using mc or lynx?  If not, is
there a way to convert them?  I have done some searches on this without
much success.

Obviously, we're going to want to distribute GCC with this, and if I (a
well above average end user) gets turned off by info, what's it going to
do to a newbie used to Borland/M$ IDEs and wanting to browse the docs?

Also, PostScript.  I just downloaded EZWGL, the GUI toolkit, and figured
I'd play with it some.  It comes with PS docs.  I have two programs to
view PS files: one that comes with RedHat's X distribution, and then
bmv, which I downloaded and compiled.  Both of them have somewhat
awkward browsing, and I usually have a very hard time getting the width
of a page to fit on the screen.  So I have to scroll right and left with
every line I read.  Needless to say, that is not cool.

I understand you're supposed to print PostScript, but I prefer just
browsing online to printing over 100 pages.  Sure, it looks nice, but
it's a bad solution for reading online.

What do you all do with PostScript?  Print it, or is there a better
viewing utility?  Or better yet, a way to convert it to ASCII or HTML?

Micah K. Yoder            My computer is 100% Microsoft free!
yoderm@geocities.com      Support freedom in computing:  Use Linux!
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