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Re: SEUL: Documentation: info & postscript

On Sat, 9 Aug 1997, Micah Yoder wrote:

> So my main question for this is:  Is there any way to get GCC/GDB docs
> in ASCII or HTML so I can browse them using mc or lynx?  If not, is
> there a way to convert them?  I have done some searches on this without
> much success.
Welp, IMHO, info is the most assinine and idiotic program I've ever used.
A top priority has to be to make a replacement for info.

> What do you all do with PostScript?  Print it, or is there a better
> viewing utility?  Or better yet, a way to convert it to ASCII or HTML?
I use ghostview, but, then again I do run X in 1024x768 all the time...  I
have a ps2ascii converter, but it works VERY poorly.  TTYL!

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