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Re: SEUL: Auto-detecting hardware

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>From lso8219@cs.rit.edu Fri Aug  8 19:26:33 1997
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Subject: Re: SEUL: Auto-detecting hardware
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Date: Fri, 8 Aug 1997 19:26:26 -0400 (EDT)
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Some stupid mistakes I made: (with what I really meant)

> Well... this isn't auto-detection.  Auto-detection is using a program to
> determine what hardware is installed in the system; NOT JUST installing
> drivers for hardware that it's told are installed...
> I do think we need auto-detection hardware.  It probably will be the most
> technically complex software SEUL will have to develop, and will have to
> be VERY carefully written AND extensively tested, because even properly
 ----		    *write*		  *test it*
> written auto-detection s/w can crash many systems... Probably we should
> map out which auto-detection algorythms crash what boards; and detect for
					       *which*	        *try to detect*
> the boards that will crash other auto-detections first...
*these*		   *be crashed by*
> BTW.. of course the auto-detection program will HAVE TO run as 'root' because
> it will have to bypass all the kernel's h/w protection etc.  
> Loren
(well at least I spelled my own name right :->)

Sorry for the mistakes... My fingers couldn't quite keep up with my brain


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