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Re: SEUL: Auto-compilation/Is it possible ?

>      This is something I have been thinking about for awhile.
>      What about an installer for Windows 95/NT ...?
>      It would already know what hardware configuration was in the machine, 
>      and could then configure the install process, and possibly kernel 
>      options for later re-compilation.
>      It would also put a nice front-end on the installer for many "windows" 
>      converts who would not be interested otherwise.
>      ttyl
>      Jason

One thing I mentinoed before, and didn't get any response to, was:

When selecting a GUI toolkit we should look for:

	1)	something GPLed or LGPLed
	2)	something easy to use, and easy to learn
	3)	something (hopefully) that tends to be primarily backward
 -***->	4)	something which is availble not only for X but for
			i.e. Berlin, MGR, SVGAlib, GGI, Macintosh,
			Win3.1/95/NT, Linux Console -- yes this is text
			mode, MS-DOS.  with a consistant programming interface
			so we only need one source tree.

this would allow us to write an installer that could work under Win3.1/95/Nt
DOS, and use the same installer under Linux for i.e. installing apps, etc.


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